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Venice, Italy

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

FALL 2022

Packing Tips for Fall/Winter in Italy - Things I wish I knew before going to Italy.

Although I did my research before my trip, there are a few things I will do better on my next visit.

  1. Pack light. If you intend to visit several cities in Europe like I did, I would highly suggest that you bring a small suitcase, a backpack or something similar, and your purse. There will be lots of walking, buses, and trains to catch. A smaller suitcase for me would have helped me on my trip.

  2. Wear comfortable shoes. A nice pair of comfortable low cut boots or high boots in the fall is always nice. emphasis on comfort. Like I have mentioned before, most of Venice, at least the area I was in was not accessible by car. You may have to walk several miles to catch a water taxi, or to get to a bus station or the train station.

  3. Exchange only a small part of your money in the U.S., and get the rest in Italy. It may change, as rates fluctuate, but I got a way better rate, and kept more of my money from a bank withdrawal in Italy.

  4. Have a Plan on what you intend to do in Italy so you know where to invest your money. I went to Italy solo this fall to celebrate my 41st birthday and have a reset. therefore my investment was mostly in finding good hotels for my stay since it was for celebratory reasons. If you are there to go on tours, or visit different cities and you are out and about most of the day anyway, then you might choose to stay in a more budget friendly hotel, and save your coins for the experiences instead. FYI some of the smaller hotels may even have better views, and may offer complimentary breakfast as well.

  5. Have a European international adapter along with your regular charger, to charge your electronics.

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