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How your Haitian Upbringing May be Holding you Back from Achieving Massive Success!

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

If you grew up in Haiti or you have Haitian parents and living abroad you know how we love our culture and our rich history. We were raised to "respekte granmoun" have respect for our elders, our parents and authority in general. All of this aspect of our culture is great , but a lot of times this respect gets blurred out and we can't tell where respect ends and abuse begins.

  • Emotional Wounds

It is a fine line between respect and accepting abuse. Our Haitian parents were raised in an era where corporal punishment was accepted, and unfortunately, although they love us they in turn raised us the same way. A lot of us grew up with a lot of fears, and not really having a voice of our own.

The Challenge: Yes we are very grateful for the discipline, but as we grow up we find ourselves having to heal from the emotional traumas that were inflicted upon us.

Solution: Heal from your emotional wounds by finding a therapist, journaling, talking it out with friends of similar upbringing.

  • Guilt and Shame

Haitian parents are infamous for inflicting the guilt trip. If you were to do something that your parents are against and then something goes wrong, be prepared to feel the wrath.

The challenge: The feeling of never measuring up is a hindrance for success.

Solution: Find things in your life that you are doing well or did well, stack them up, and every time you feel like you are not measuring up, remember all of the things you did right.

  • Social Classes

This one is a very big one. When I was Growing up in Haiti, and I believe till this day it still goes on, Haitian society is often divided into social classes, skin color, wealth class, what school you went to , what car your parents drove etc... If you were not a good combination of some of these criteria, then you would be considered second class or a third class citizen.

The challenge: A good Self- image is the number one catalyst for success, and if you grew up thinking you are less than or not good enough, then that becomes a problem.

Solution: Rebuild your self image, know your worth. Know that you have divine intelligence flowing through you, and you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. Know that there is nothing you cannot do. Believe in yourself and live your dreams and dream big.

  • Gossiping

We Haitians love to gossip. The bad thing about gossiping is that we usually focus on the negative. What's wrong, what's not working instead of seeing the potential, the good in a situation or how it can be improved.

The Challenge: Focusing on the negative only brings more negativity into our field of awareness, and therefore is a block for progress. Your words good or bad will shape your reality, and your future.

Solution: Speak life. Speak only what you want to see happen in your life. Speak words of abundance, peace, joy, prosperity and focus on those thoughts and therefore you will reap the fruits of your lips.

For, “Whoever would love life and see good days must keep their tongue from evil and their lips from deceitful speech. 1 Peter 3:10

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